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Recollection of a Tire Swing®

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

By Melanie Faith Haggard-Strange

Hanging low, surrender not coveted memories in well-worn crevices and tattered rope.

Defy flattened grayed blanched contour rubber embedded with squeals of laughter.

Timeless postures fondly hold tight soft hope for a return to flight.

Steadfast rope frayed yet clinging tight on scar-splintered limb, confirmation of a life well spent.

Within soft stains and shadows hide love’s witness to tiny hands, breathless hugs, days gone by.

Fractured globe before dawn carry subtle breezes

sway this graying orb with sweet lullabies soothing and forlorn.

Love’s tranquility forever stands fortressed now in decaying hues lost in time’s relentless walk waiting, wishing, wanting.

Surrender splendid moments when thoughts did gain possibilities poured in youth’s full cup.

When cord strings sever release from bent and bowing limb a weathered soul's encasement ends subsiding into dust.

Playful memories sustain warmth through death’s throe silently enter escorts through hidden doors.

Full circle now, towards squeals of laughter new tire hangs awaiting breathless hugs, days to gather rushing in a new life begins.

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