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The Edge of Bending Truth®

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

By Melanie Faith Haggard-Strange

Sleep walking empty now I wait in dreams.

Your rambling ways left me here in a shattered reality.

When you were with me I never saw over lapping themes.

Thinking of you now is just another form of brutality.

The years they fly by like a raven in my darkest nights.

Hoping, yearning, wondering taking me into unknown heights.

Falling I crash you never understood the depth of my plight.

Pull me it’s time to go back into heavenly lights.

Perpetual love rescue me I’m ready to enter unearthly realms.

Meet me, take me to where love is never ending.

Endless ringing sound my life is overwhelmed.

Find me I waver on the edge of bending truth.

In my life I walk asleep

Filling empty passages I weep.

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