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The Audacity of Survival®

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

By Melanie Faith Haggard-Strange

It finds itself in persistence, tenacity, and faith.

It opens in the face of humiliation, shame, and grace from a stranger.

It becomes a harbor in the unending storm of confusion.

It mellows when a humble heart takes space in gratitude for hardships lessons.

The audacity of survival offers endless hope; knowledge of better days where only its shadow remains.

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The Sweetness of Your Smile

The sweetness of your smile embraces my being, calming, warming, assuring.

When fears arise, I close my eyes replaying the pose.


Here, harsh intentions fade as a renewal of faith soaks this solitary space.

In your glean vestiges of broken love scatter. 

A kindness radiates and murmurs of "breathe" renew my faith.

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