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Twilight's Final Breath®

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

By Melanie Faith Haggard-Strange

I sit in a place where banana leaves sing a lullaby synchronized with jitterbug rain.

A tickle spatter swishing down, leaves wash anew as feather winds bow willowy branches.

The sky shudders, its tears hit softened mud.

Bursting bubbles spit up gleefully and in kin with earth’s soft skin.

A cacophony of cadences kiss twilight’s final breath.

Darkness takes space.

Nightingale decrees the finish of day.

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The Sweetness of Your Smile

The sweetness of your smile embraces my being, calming, warming, assuring.

When fears arise, I close my eyes replaying the pose.


Here, harsh intentions fade as a renewal of faith soaks this solitary space.

In your glean vestiges of broken love scatter. 

A kindness radiates and murmurs of "breathe" renew my faith.

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